Book Your Campus Visit Appointment

Important Legend note about the calendar:


Dates listed in blue: Office is open to visitors but various appointment types may or may not be available. See form on next page to view available appointments.

All other dates: Office is closed to the public. Please note that our office does not limit the number of visitors, so we do not have any "full" days. If a date is not in blue, we are closed.


To book your visit:


Step #1: Check our monthly overview  Admission Visit Calendar  to see what we are offering each day. This will help you to pick the best day to visit, as not all events are offered every day.


Step #2: Click on the calendar to select your visit date. The form on the next page will show you available appointments for that day once you answer the first two questions.

Step #3: Watch for your confirmation email that will contain your confirmed visit appointment time(s) and your parking instructions. Your options are not guaranteed until you have a confirmation email that includes an appointment time.

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