Wellesley’s admission counselors, and in some cases, our alumnae, offer information sessions, prospective student gatherings, student panels and other events for you and your parents to get to know Wellesley. Check this page often for events that may be of interest.

Join us for AlumConnect, a series all about the unique people and experiences that make the Wellesley alumnae network (or the W Network for short!) the strongest women’s network in the world. Comprised of 35,000+ brilliant, multi-faceted alumnae (globally!), the W Network is a cornerstone of the Wellesley experience and a conduit for mentorship, networking, and professional opportunity. 

In this series, you’ll hear from awe-inspiring Wellesley alums who are changing their communities and fields in impactful ways (both big and small!). Each themed session will feature 30 minutes of focused conversation and 30 minutes of Q&A time. Come learn about paths to your professional aspirations, envision how the Wellesley alumnae network can buoy your future goals and plans, and get your questions answered by the people who have walked this path before you.


The W Network: Support, Inspiration, Mentorship
10/10/2021 07:00 PM

Meet members of the most powerful women’s network in the world—Wellesley’s alumnae community! Join our panelists to hear how the Wellesley network has supported their career paths, personal and professional aspirations, friendships, and passions.


Wellesley Alums in Health Professions
10/16/2021 07:00 PM 

The skills developed by Wellesley’s liberal arts education—critical thinking, problem solving, focused service, and effective communication—are highly valued within the health professions. This panel of alumnae will share how their Wellesley experience, including the strong health professions advising, equipped them to make a difference in their field.


The Wellesley Network—It’s Global! 
10/24/2021 08:30 AM 

Wellesley’s alum network is the most powerful women’s network—in the world. Join us to meet inspiring alums from around the globe and to hear about the global reach of the Wellesley alum community. 


Wellesley Alums in Science, Technology, and Public Health 
11/06/2021 08:00 PM 

Complex problems. Big questions. Investigation and inquiry. In-depth research. Long-term solutions. Innovation and creativity. These are all hallmarks of a Wellesley education—and all key indicators of success across STEM fields. Join a group of Wellesley alums currently working at the very cutting edge of their STEM and Public Health fields to learn how their Wellesley experiences got them there. 


Wellesley Alums in the Business World
11/14/2021 07:00 PM 

Wellesley has a stellar tradition of alumnae finding success in Business, Entrepreneurship, Consulting, and Finance. Join this session to hear a few of these alums share how Wellesley’s liberal arts education positioned them for success in the business world. 


Wellesley Alums in Government, International Affairs, and Law
12/05/2021 07:00 PM 

Wellesley students are passionate about making a difference in the world—a passion that often leads Wellesley alums to careers at NGOs, think tanks, or government agencies. Join us to hear from trailblazing alumnae who effect change on the local, national, and global level through their work in politics, activism, law, and government work.  


Wellesley in the Arts, Architecture, Communication, and Media
12/12/2021 07:00 PM 

Wellesley alumnae pursue careers in the arts, communication, and media across a wide array of industries—from museums, civic arts and urban planning councils, schools, and other non-profits, to lifestyle start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and everywhere in between. Join us to hear how a Wellesley education prepares graduates for this exciting and fulfilling work. 



Want to connect with us and learn more about Wellesley and some of our peer institutions? Join us at one of our group travel events! These unique visit opportunities allow you to hear from more than just Wellesley College during your college search process. Check out the events below, some of which may require registration with a peer institution.

Join us for a virtual college fair. Please note, registration may be hosted by an external organizer.